Investor press release: Coronavirus situation


Corona virus | Investor press release


Dear Investors,

At SAAD Holding GmbH, like you, we are closely following the news that arrives from all around the world about 2019-nCoV and the resulting pandemic across the planet.

We are attending a moment in the history of humanity that is transcendental and will deeply transform our societies. With the expansion of Covid-19, the damage to the worldwide economy, to nations, to companies and to all workers and citizens is bound to be huge: immense.

At SAAD Holding GmbH we are fully aware of the challenge we will all have to face in the upcoming months and we are well prepared: thanks to our business model and the company's infrastructure.

All of our companies: SAAD Immo GmbH, SAAD Verwaltung GmbH and DIAM Service GmbH have prepared the plan and structure to work in the current situation.

With this in mind, we want to assure you that there will be no disruptions in your monthly rent payments - SAAD Rental Guarantee (™) as per the contracts we have signed.

Anis Saad
CEO / SAAD Holding Gmbh
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